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Technical Service

K-well regards every customer as a separate market segment.We design power adapter,battery chargers and power indcutors solutions according to the specific of needs customers, so that our products are personalized and diversified.

Customer provides mechanical parameters and electrical parameters, as well as supporting end products for testing.

R&D project evaluation period is usually 3-4 weeks. If it needs a new mold, the general cycle is 6-8 weeks.

R&D projects provide 2D drawings, 3D drawings or specifications for customer confirmation.

According to specifications, we will make samples for testing and test them with customers' device.

We will arrange trial prodution after complete the design, usually quantity will be 500pcs-1000pcs.We can test the stability and reliability of the design through the trial production.

Product Optimization
We have experienced r&d team,they are eager to master market information and industry changes. learn advanced technology of the industry, constantly optimize product solutions, and strive to create competitive advantages through technology control costs. Make products more intelligent, more efficient, more environmentally friendly.

High Consistency and High Reliability.

Conform to the Energy Efficiency Level VI.

Conform to RoHS and REACH.

Product technical support
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