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Customization service

At K-WELL, we have been designing, manufacturing and trading custom specification high current power inductors, common mode chokes, transformers, line filters and other magnetics products for required clients for over 25 years. We understand the possible creative requirements bring forth by all the modern day emerging smart technologies, K-WELL is willing to go further and design smarter configuration products for our client’s innovative technology requirements. for custom design orders please send us your requirements to support@kw-magnetics.com or go to www.kw-magnetics.com/support/technicalservice to fill in your custom design request.

Our experienced engineering staffs can design and manufacture a wide range of power magnetics components and EMC magnetics components. Instead of making do with standard magnetics components or on-shelf specification products, we enable our customers to order custom design high current power inductor, general power inductors or EMC magnetics components, transformer products for their innovative requirements which may not be easily available. From change of efficient ferrite materials to custom winding, special packaging for mounting or protection requirements, we work harder and are willing to go further for our customers.